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Phoenix Area Based Administrative Law Lawyer

The Calhoun Law Firm, PLC, aids Arizona small businesses and professionals to obtain and maintain the professional licenses needed to continue their careers and preserve their livelihood through effective, efficient, expeditious application of Administrative Law.

Professional & Business License Acquisition

In many cases, professionals and businesses experience roadblocks and delays in the process of obtaining licenses. We can help clients with filing requirements and represent clients at administrative hearings. ​

Disciplinary Action Defense

The Calhoun Law Firm, PLC, represents Arizona professionals and businesses who are under investigation or those who have had their licenses suspended or revoked and need license reinstatement to continue their careers and preserve their livelihood. We represent our clients at every stage of an administrative license issue. ​

If you or your business must defend itself before an administrative agency, The Calhoun Law Firm, PLC, can take action to assist you.

If your license or business is in jeopardy for any reason, we will conduct a thorough investigation to analyze your case and review all records. We will then create a defense strategy that takes into account your needs and goals. If a reasonable settlement is possible with the investigative agency and this aligns with your goals, we will work to resolve matters in this efficient manner. If we determine that a just settlement is not possible, we will fight to defend your rights through the administrative hearing process and take any necessary steps to appeal the agency’s decision. The Calhoun Law Firm, PLC, is dedicated to protecting the rights of professionals and businesses across Arizona.

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