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Work With A Skilled Business Lawyer Who Concentrates On Business-Related Issues

Jay Calhoun is an attorney who specializes in the field of business law. Her clients are mostly small and medium-sized businesses in Arizona, and she helps people establish and grow their businesses. Her clients receive practical legal services that allow them to focus on what they do best while leaving the legal nitty-gritty to Jay. Her work helps her clients thrive in their respective fields.

Jay Calhoun is the sound choice for businesses seeking:

  • Legal counsel in matters involving Business Law, Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law, or Civil Litigation Law.
  • An attorney who tailors legal solutions to her clients’ specific needs based on the matter’s relevant legal issues and most compelling facts.  If you want ill-fitting, fill in the blank contracts, agreements, and solutions which leave you vulnerable against attacks from anyone who wants to start a legal dispute, Jay is not for you. If you want legal solutions custom-fit to your unique circumstances, Jay is for you.


In contrast to many other attorneys who specialize in a certain field, Jay Calhoun takes a holistic approach to legal affairs that is focused on the big picture; she is both a dealmaker and a litigator. She is equally at ease trying a case to its end or hammering out the specifics of a complicated contract to its final signature.

During her time in law school, Jay worked for a prominent corporate law firm. There, she gained experience in the more hands-on aspects of the legal profession by collaborating with seasoned professionals. After graduating from law school, Jay clerked on the Arizona appellate court for two years, worked as in-house counsel at a pharmaceutical, and was an associate at a business law firm. Her varied experiences in the corporate world gave her the ability to examine a legal matter from a variety of perspectives. When the opportunity presented itself, Jay chose to utilize her broad skills to resolve client concerns as opposed to acquiring new clients. In 2008, Jay launched her own firm, attracting a diverse range of clients, including nuclear engineers, manufacturers, clothing designers, fine artists, musicians, and inventors. Jay’s firm produces work that is on par with that of “big” firms, but it does so without all of the trappings and associated costs.

Jay’s practice has evolved to include clients from the aviation, manufacturing, construction, software, restaurants, media, fashion, and hospitality industries, among others. They appreciate her straightforwardness, as well as her experience in a diverse range of situations, and her approach that is both practical and focused on business.


Whether a client seeks to prevent trouble before it occurs or to remediate an existing dispute, Jay will formulate a customized solution. Jay spends a great deal of time and effort getting to know clients and their priorities. She anticipates obstacles and resolves challenges that may otherwise interrupt business operations or endanger profits. The goal for each client is to leave that individual or business better situated for future effectiveness than when the client contacted The Calhoun Law Firm, PLC. For Arizona business law matters, Jay is a valuable resource.


Jay never loses sight of the overall broad strategy or gets lost in the process when negotiating or drafting a transaction.  Instead, Jay maintains her commitment to the long-term goal while ensuring that the intermediate tasks are completed in a timely and competent manner.  With Jay’s guidance, the team stays on course, and her clients are kept informed about what they need to do rather than becoming bogged down in details that could jeopardize a transaction or litigation.  The legal details can safely be left to Jay.

If any deal should go awry, Jay works with clients to resolve the dispute.  Every attorney can learn litigation skills to a point; a great litigator has instinctive qualities that are not acquired through education. The capacity to scrutinize and bargain with people is crucial.  Jay encourages clients to consider their personal motivations prior to filing a lawsuit, and Jay will not hesitate to tell clients not to sue if she believes that the likely outcome isn’t in their best interests.  Clients who proceed with litigation do so knowing they have a strong advocate on their side, one who instinctively spots and leverages shortcomings in the other side position to resolve disputes.

As general counsel to many of her clients, Jay serves, not just as lawyer, but as a strategic legal advisor. Clients rely on Jay’s keen commercial sense for the objective advice they might not otherwise receive.  Jay understands that nearly every commercial transaction or dispute comes down to money, and she keeps that thought in the forefront of her mind when executing transactions and resolving disputes.  Jay advises business owners on a wide range of business issues on a daily basis, helping them see their businesses “from a strategic vantage point.”  Such a relationship requires an unusual level of trust from business owners, but clients quickly realize that Jay earns that trust.


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  • Arizona State, 2004
  • S. District Court District of Arizona, 2004
  • S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit, 2006


  • Arizona State Bar Association: Business Law Section
  • Arizona State Bar Association
  • American Bar Association


  • Arizona State University College of Law, JD
  • Universite Ca’ Forscari, Venice, Italy
  • University of Cincinnati, OH
  • University of Massachusetts, MA
  • Spelman College